Making the decision to have your air conditioner fixed, you need to come to Advantage Mechanical Services. Our HVAC repairs are done by qualified professional Houston air conditioning contractors who take their time to get to know you system so that it can be fixed just right. There is a lot that can be done to your cooling system to make it run efficiently and effectively. Calling our air conditioning repair technicians is a step in the right direction for a cooler home this summer.

Water Collection in AC Unit

Many people are faced with an air conditioner that doesn’t run at some point in their lives. Water collection underneath the machine is one of the most common problems that are faced by homeowners no matter what type of system.

Signs of water collecting underneath the machine:

  • Strange sounds emerging from unit
  • Dysfunction of the temperatures
  • Clogged Filter

    Other common problems with air conditioners are clogged filters. Dirt and dust that get clogged within a filter will cause it to malfunction. This problem does not require costly repairs but does require changing every so often in Houston.

    Leaking Refrigerant

    If you are noticing that your home is getting cooled off enough; the problems may be a lack of refrigerant. The biggest problem as to why you don’t have enough refrigerant is due to a leak. Our AC repair technicians can come out to your home, diagnose the problem and fix it.

    Odd Noises

    Another complaint that we have heard all too often is the HVAC system making odd noises. The sounds are almost like a wailing noise and are usually caused by a dislodged fan belt. More than likely, the job will always involve checking the bearings in the motor fan and include lubricant.

    Clogged Lines

    Did you know that your air conditioner could shut down if the lines are clogged? This normally takes place in the cooling season after a systems has been sitting idle for months. Contaminates such as algae will begin to accumulate; leaving behind nothing but clogged lines.

    Air Conditioning Repair Cost

    You can’t determine the cost of your air conditioning repair services without it being properly diagnosed first. We’ll come out and troubleshoot your unit, diagnose the problem, then provide you with an estimate based on: If you are in need of more information regarding our air conditioning repair services in Houston; call 281-807-6085 . We will attend to your cooling needs immediately so the summer is not spent in total misery. In fact, we will make your summer more bearable with a working and effective air conditioning system that’s going to leave your home cool again.

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