Do you need repairs done in the Cy-Fair area to your HVAXC systems? If you want to become more comfortable in the privacy of your own home; call Advantage Mechanical Services. We do air conditioning and heating repairs so that you don’t have to be miserable during the peak seasons of the year.There are lots of advantages to having a heating tune-up done. If you’re thinking they are nothing but a waste of time, think again. A heating tune-up can prevent your heater from breaking down and it can also prolong the life of your heating system.You can find every excuse in the book as why not to call an HVAC technician for a tune-up but truth of the matter is; when that heater breaks down for good, you’ll wish you had scheduled those tune-ups. A replacement scan set you back in the thousands depending on the size & type of unit.

Cy-Fair Air Conditioning Repairs

In an effort to reduce the indoor air pollution inside of your home; you need a working air conditioner that’s always properly functional. What you don’t know is that your air conditioner may be doing you more harm than good right now.

The evaporator icing up is a very common problem among air conditioners. Air conditioners are designed to have a maximum amount of air flow for every ton of cooling. When the air flow falls below the design requirements, the unit will then freeze up.If you are currently experiencing this problem, you may have problems with the filter. The filter is one of the most important parts in an air conditioner.

Signs of trouble:

  • Evaporator coil ices up
  • Poor air flow through the vents
  • Collapsing filters
  • Cy-Fair Heating Repairs

    A furnace is not something that you should be messing with when experiencing problems with it. In fact, when you do experience problems with it; you need to call in a local air conditioning company. You will find these guys at Advantage Mechanical Services.It can be quite difficult and not to mention frustrating to have furnace problems. They can turn out to be very simple fixes or expensive repairs. Before the problems gets any worse with your gas furnace, cal us and let us examine it.Troubleshooting your gas furnace can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring. A furnace that’s on its last leg will start to develop many problems as one of them is a carbon monoxide leak. A leak, if not detected on time, can poison of not kill your family so be safe and call our air conditioning company today.

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