Realizing what the problem is with a furnace is always best left to the experts. You can find qualified professionals to work on your furnace at Advantage Mechanical Services. We are the furnace repair technicians that you’ve needed all along. We’ll troubleshoot your furnace until we can correctly diagnose the problem and carry out the repairs from there. We understand that you rely on your furnace a lot in the off-months and will attend to your matters quickly & conveniently.


The thermostat is probably one of the most common reasons where there are problems with a furnace. There are several things that you will encounter such as your furnace not being able to produce enough heat because the thermostat is not working properly.

Air Filter

problems with your furnace. You need to make sure they are clean. Have it checked regularly by Advantage Mechanical Services to ensure maximum operation.

Saving Money & Time

Knowing the basics about your furnace will save you lots of money and time on repairs. You will still need to hire a professional who can help you fix the problems that you have. This will not only get you the most out of your system in Houston, but save you money in the long run.

Gas Furnace Problems

Old gas furnaces were once pretty simple as all they had were burners and fans to circulate air. Nowadays they are so intricate they need a professional to repairs them whenever experiencing problems.

Electric Furnace Problems

There are many reasons why electric furnaces are more desirable than gas units but once any of them breakdown, they becomes useless to us. Here are some reasons why many homeowners have gone with electric units:

  • Less expensive to repair
  • Safer to run
  • Cheaper way to warm a home
  • Troubleshooting

    You can trust that Advantage Mechanical Services will attend to your repairs in a timely manner. Once we inspect the system we will then troubleshoot it for damages to certain parts of the unit. This will help us correctly repair and diagnose your problems.


    Do-it-yourself repairs to your furnace are big NO-NO! If you are looking to save money, look elsewhere because a furnace is a very intricate piece in the home that is very dangerous to work on if you do not possess the proper education.You can call Advantage Mechanical Services anytime for furnace repairs. We’ll help keep you warm this year and your indoors much more comfortable through our convenient repairs.

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