Living in Texas you’d think that it stays warm all year round and no need for a heater but the truth is; it does get cold and you will need a heater for the fall/winter season. You’ll need to start thinking about an efficient heating system for the home. Most new home offer a central air conditioning & heating unit but there are alternatives such as central heating that’s great for the home too. For top –rated heating installations; call Advantage Mechanical Services. When you’re considering an installation; it’s important to understand how heaters compare to the cost of the installation itself.

Water Based Central Heating

Central heating involves a lot of work as radiators, pipes and a central boiler need to be installed in the home. The process can take many days depending on the size of your home. Many homeowners don’t like radiators as they take up a fair amount of space in the home. Once the system is installed though; the costs to run it are low and they only need serviced once per year.

Forced Air

Uses a central furnace where the air is pushed around the home using a series of ducts to do so. This type of systems is not a one day type of project. In fact, it is very extensive and can take many days. These Houston furnaces run off the following fuel sources:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Electric Baseboard Heating

    Installation costs are a lot lower with electric baseboard heating. Each room will have separate units installed and the temperature of each room can be controlled and set differently. The one disadvantage of this form of heating is that the air in the rooms can become dry and will need a humidifier to balance it out.

    Benefits of Professional Heating Service

    Although we get more use out of our air conditioners than heaters living in Texas, during the winter, the nights can drop in temperature and surround the house in a cold chill. That’s when your heating system will be important to you. You’ll find that calling a professional for a new heating system will keep you warm at night and:

  • Safe
  • Cozy environment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Lowering Energy Bills

    A new heating system, no matter the type, will lower your heating bills as the system is new and professionally installed. You’ll find your heating bills go from high to low when you have Advantage Mechanical Services install a new system for your family.If you need our heating technicians to come out for an estimate; all you need to do is call 281-807-6085 and we’ll deliver a heating installation experience that will leave you speechless.

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