When it comes to your heating system; how far would you go to save it? You expect your heater to run all winter long and when it doesn’t; we tend to get frustrated very easily instead of calling someone for heating repairs. Whenever you experience a breakdown; call the experts who can fix your heat in no time. Advantage Mechanical Services as we realize that the decision to repair your heater came from nearly freezing. You’ll never have to feel that way again as we take care of your repairs and much more. Trust us; it will never fail that when it gets cold, your aging heater will start to act up.


A major reason to call for repairs actually has nothing to do with the furnace itself. It has more to do with the thermostat. When the thermostat stops working, it can make it appear that the motor or heater itself is not working. You won’t know until you call!


We have found over the years that a lot of homeowners may think they have a heating problem but all they need is their filters replaced. A clogged filter will give the illusion that one’s heater is not working. A filter helps to reduce dust and debris from entering into the actual unit as they need replaced at least once per month.

Delaying Repairs

Heating repairs are not something that you put off. A busted heater will make you feel like there is no hope especially if it breaks down in the dead of winter. Also, the more you let your heating problem, the worse it will become.

Common Problems

There are problems that arise with your heater over time that will stop and make you think; should I call a HVAC or not? If you start to notice any one of the problems, you should call Advantage Mechanical Services for repairs to your heating system:

  • Cold air filtering through the heating system
  • Increased utility bills
  • Strange sounds emerging from unit
  • Benefits

    Having repairs done to your heater are not something that you should try on your own. In fact, it’s actually best that you call a professional after witnessing the heat not working. A cold night without a furnace is not going to be a good night!You can always count on Advantage Mechanical Services to be your Houston heating techs of choice. We’re honest, upfront and will always get the job done in a fair amount of time so that you’re without working heat.

    Benefits of calling a professional:

  • Less cost
  • Job gets done fast
  • Safer
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