While your air conditioning unit was made to withstand the elements, including precipitation and hail damage, sometimes you need to call a professional air conditioning technician to inspect for any water damages. If your AC unit sits in standing water, due to a downpour of rain or other unexpected issues caused by flooding, it can cause severe damage to the electrical components and moving parts. It usually about a foot of water to affect your air conditioning system, but if you were affected by the flooding of hurricane Harvey in any way, call the Houston AC flood contractors at Advantage Mechanical Services LLC as soon as possible. 


If the electrical components to your air conditioning unit at its lowest point, that is the begin of power failure for your unit. The replacement to your unit parts can be as simple as the circuit board or any other electrical components that were affected by flooding. Have our expert Houston AC flood contractors will do a full diagnosis of your unit and we’ll provide you with a quote that is affordable especially with the circumstance of recent flooding caused by hurricane Harvey. It is better to replace air conditioning equipment that was affected by flooding as exchanging the older models with newer energy-efficient models that will lower your future energy bills. You also have the opportunity for rebates on provided by your local utility. 


Advantage Mechanical Services LLC will also work with your home insurance provider to achieve the most cost-effective solutions for your air conditioning unit. Our knowledgeable and trained Houston AC flood contractors will provide you a detailed evaluation on the condition of your AC unit. 


If you live in Houston and surrounding areas and suffer flood damage to your air conditioning unit, contact Houston AC flood contractors at Advantage Mechanical Services LLC.  We offer air conditioning seasonal maintenance, repairs and cleaning.  By consulting with our Houston AC flood contractors, you can ensure the safest and cost-effective resolution for all your air conditioning problems after a major flood. Contact us to schedule an appointment.  



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