A humidifier can play a major role in adding humidity to the rooms in your home. There are many different types of units for home use. Each unit has certain pros & cons about them but which unit is best for you? Call Advantage Mechanical Services and find the right fit. It’s what you need if your rooms are dry and you’re suffering from skin irritation. When the units are in operation; you need to be cautious about the amount of moisture in your home. You don’t want excess moisture because you’ll eventually need a dehumidifier to take the excess moisture out.


This system uses a rotating drum style foam pad in order to pick up the moisture. These are great to have units but are also known to be prone to failure due to the foam pad getting encrusted with sediment. One the plus side; you can prevent certain problems from happening to the unit by cleaning the foam pads at least once per month.


One of the most expensive units on the market; steam devices are also the most efficient. They come equipped with Houston heaters that are self-generating. They would require water in order to have a certain level of hardness as well as quality.


The devices either make use of a metal or plastic coating that generally has a small amount of water that offers a constant drip across it. Screens need to be replaced every so often in order to keep the device in proper working order.


The bypass unit is a combination of the flow-through device. It has a supply takeoff duct that diverts heated air to the unit by making good use of the pressure difference between the supply and return sides of a furnace.


Having one of these devices in the home can relive the air problems in the rooms as well as improve on health conditions that are caused by poor air quality. Here are a couple of more benefits that come with one of these devices:

  • Preserves home’s interior
  • Protects belongings
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Eliminates stale air
  • Stale Air

    Running these devices in the home safely eliminates nasty, stale indoor air. This is one of the single-best benefits to owning these units. You won’t have the need to open your windows any longer in order to get fresh air.You can take advantage of our humidifier services whether you need one to be installed, replaced or repaired. Advantage Mechanical Services does it all when it comes to the air quality inside your home, office or school.

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