Being from Memorial; you’re probably used to being hot. Texas is smacked with humidity each summer as residents seek shelter in their homes. In order to be more comfortable; they need working air conditioners to survive the heat. Advantage Mechanical Services can provide you with repairs or installations.A newly installed air conditioner will cause your home to become much cooler than it is currently. A new air conditioner is a great fix for those who just purchased a home without one or homeowners looking to upgrade what they already have in place.A lot of people start out with a window unit. Window units are very inexpensive and a great way to test the waters. Those who have gone with window units in the past have ultimately upgraded to central air conditioning.Central air conditioning is the ultimate in air conditioning as the system can cool down the entire home through the use of a thermostat. A programmable thermostat can set the controls for the coolness your rooms deserve.

Memorial Air Conditioning Repairs

There are so many different types of air conditioning in the market today. As each system has its own pros and cons, they are also vulnerable to breakdowns the older they become. An older air conditioner, for example, will cause you a heftier energy bill.

No matter what the type of air conditioner you have; you need to keep it maintained which means that you need air conditioning repairs done to it every once in a while. Repairs such as fixing or replacing the hoses will make your unit work 100%.There are lots of things that an air conditioner needs in order to be fully functional. From replacing the filters to tightening the belts; there is nothing that Advantage Mechanical Services cannot do for your home or business.

Types of air conditioning:

  • Split
  • Packaged
  • Central
  • Memorial Heating Repairs

    Radiant heating systems are manufactured to effectively supply direct heat through the flooring or panel in your walls. Through hot water or steam; there is a central boiler that heats the water. When the system can no longer heat the water; you need the local air conditioning company- Advantage Mechanical Services.Radiant heat is efficient heat and can lower your energy bills and dependency on energy for that matter. Energy dependency comes from taking advantage of the fact that our heating systems are always available to us.First we will inspect your heating system. A full inspection goes into each of our repairs. After we inspect the system, we then troubleshoot for problems. There may be big problems are small ones but none the less, they will be found whenever you let out air conditioning company attend to them.

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