You may not think that would ever need a heating repairs living in Pearland but the weather dos get cold around the first of the year and if you are not prepared, you can freeze in the cold weather. This is why you need to schedule tune-ups for your heater.Maintenance for your heater normally includes a 21-point checklist. Our technicians go over this checklist in order to keep your heater functions because a dysfunctional heater is nothing that you would want to live with.Keeping your family warm during those rough colder months is simple as long as you know someone that can perform repairs for you when you need them. Before winter sets in this year; be sure and callAdvantage Mechanical Services before you turn the heat on.


  • Leaks in pipes are checked for
  • Ventilation system checked
  • Filters changed
  • Parts lubed
  • Pearland Air Conditioning Repairs

    There are many ways in which an air conditioner can be abused. Many homeowners just turn them on and ignore the fact that something can go wrong at any time. We have seen these problems occur over and over again.

    It is a good idea to have you’re a air conditioner checked out at least once a year as this will ensure proper functioning of it and prevent breakdowns. There is nothing more frustrating than an air conditioner breakdown in the middle of summer.Leaks occur because the air conditioner sits until summer arrives. Filters are not changed out because many people don’t feel the need and running the AC art full capacity only leads to burning the motor up.

    Abuse of air conditioning:

  • Not changing filters
  • Running at full capacity at all times
  • Low refrigerant leaks
  • Pearland Heating Repairs

    Deciding whether or not to replace your heating system comes from all the repairs you have put into it over the years. It can be a stressful time in your life and assistance is always helpful. Well from no own you don’t need to worry because Advantage Mechanical Services can help decide for you.Our HVAC contractors do a lot more than just repair air conditioners. We also repair heaters. No matter what type of heating system you have; chances are that we can fix it. And if it cannot take any more repairs; we also have the means to replace it.Furnaces are one of the most commonly used methods of delivering heat into homes today. In fact, more homeowners own a gas furnace more than any other type of heating system. Always make sure that your furnace is working at full capacity.Whenever it comes to repairing or replacing your heating system; you can trust that our heating and air conditioning company will be by your side.

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