Emergency heating or air conditioning repairs could be needed at any point, and it’s not uncommon for a family to not have the financial freedom to afford the repairs whenever they happen to crop up. And if you end up needing to replace your HVAC system, the financial burden could be too much to handle.

At Advantage Mechanical Services, we offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your heating unit or air conditioner running longer and running smoothly at all times. Preventative maintenance plans include bi-annual tune-ups, and they’re designed to provide you with the HVAC maintenance that you need at a cost that’s affordable and easy to work into your budget.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Plans

There are two main goals we strive for with our maintenance plans:

    To keep your HVAC system in the best condition possible so that you can avoid any emergency repairs.
    To keep your utility costs as low possible by increasing the efficiency of your HCAC system.

Here are a few of the benefits that our plans can give your Houston home:

  • You’ll become one of our priority customers, which means you’ll be moved to the top of the list any time you have a problem with your HVAC equipment.
  • You’ll save money on natural gas and electric bills by running your system at peak condition.
  • You’ll never have to try to remember when it’s time for any maintenance because our professionals will have already contacted you to make an appointment.
  • Your HVAC system and units will have a longer life span. They’ll also be more protected under their warranties with regular maintenance.
  • What to Expect During Spring/Summer Visits

    During you bi-annual Spring/Summer maintenance visit, our HVAC professionals will:

  • Clean your condenser coil
  • Test to make sure you have the correct refrigerant charge
  • Test temperature drop across coils
  • Test your expansion device
  • Inspect and clean your condensation drain
  • Test compressor efficiency
  • What to Expect During Fall/Winter Visits

    Of course, during both visits you’ll receive a full tune-up and inspection of your HVAC system, but here are some of the things we’ll be doing to prepare your Houston home for the winter season:

  • Heating efficiency test
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks
  • Make sure there are no dangers with carbon monoxide
  • Perform a combustion analysis
  • Make sure all systems are properly ventilated
  • Test for gas leaks at your furnace
  • Our professionals will work with you year-round to ensure that your HVAC system is always in excellent condition.

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