It’s not uncommon for a Houston home to have problems with their heating and cooling systems—specifically, that they’re not able to direct heated or cooled are  to the areas that need it most. Sometimes this means that a bedroom in your home is too hot or too cold, a finished basement is never quite heated, or that your home just has hot or cold spots. If your home has certain areas in which the temperature is never right, installing a zoned system may be the best way to correct it.

Most of the time, homes only one have one thermostat that dictate the temperature for the entire house. So the HVAC system will only switch on when the temperature in the area closest to the thermostat changes. When other rooms in your home need more heat (like a basement) or cooler temperatures (an attic), your whole-home thermostat will not be able to make those adjustments. This can lead to higher energy consumption and utility costs, and it will make your heating and air conditioning system much less efficient, but a zoned system can be the perfect solution.

What is a Zoned System

Our zoned systems are designed to bring heating and cooling to the parts of your Houston home where they’re needed most. Our HVAC professionals will help you decide on which zones of your home need the most attention, and we’ll designate them to completely customize the comfort your home provides to you and your family. You can select different comfort zones based on separate floors or even specific rooms.

If you have a basement that frequently too cold, or a second story that is always too hot, our zoned systems will help you offset the discomfort by separating these areas for optimum heating and cooling that work independently of one another.

Our Zoned System Professionals and Projects

At Advantage Mechanical Services, we have the most trusted HVAC professionals in the Houston area, and we have a highly experienced team zoned system installation specialists on staff. We can install zoned systems in any home or commercial space, we’ll make sure that the job is done right. Our heating and air zoning systems allow you full customization of the zones, so you can create the perfect HVAC system for your home.

Our professionals will help you achieve maximum indoor comfort and save money with energy efficient zoned systems.

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