Advantage Mechanical Services LLC is a premier locally owned and operated heating and air conditioning services company in Houston that was started in 1997. Since then they have grown each year due to their competitive programs as well as exceptional HVAC services. Advantage Mechanical Services LLC has continued to invest in state-of-the-art technology that has allowed them to deliver the highest level of services with the lowest possible rates. They ensure safe delivery and reliable services in or around the home or business. Advance Mechanical Services LLC has a drug-free hiring policy to protect their clients as well as their properties. For more information, please call 281-807-6085.

Cooling the Home Down During the Summer

ac-installationA summer in Texas is more than hot; it can be downright dangerous. In order to feel comfortable you’re air conditioner is going to need to be in top running condition. That’s why your system should have a tune-up in the spring. This should be done before summer comes so you can be sure your system is performing properly to keep you cool and help save you money during those hot months.Avoid unexpected problems with your air conditioner this summer; call for a tune-up for your air conditioning system during the spring and get ready to attack the summer heat the right way.      READ MORE


Fair & honest Upfront Pricing

Our technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose your heating and air conditioning system and provide to you the total upfront cost to repair your system. There are no surprises with our estimates. The price we quote you upfront is the price you pay.We charge a low flat diagnostic fee of $80 dollars and no matter how long it takes to find the source of your problem; it will never increase. This way you’ll know that you can have a working system and not pay more for the repairs than necessary.       READ MORE

Heating Repairs Keep You Warm

Your heater should perform safely at all times. No matter how low the temps get outside, you should always feel warm and cozy indoors. Early winter is a time when you should have your heater checked for proper and safe operation.Be it a gas furnace, electric heater, heat pump or hybrid. We will attend to your repairs as soon as you call because your comfort and safety are our main priority. We offer top-rate heating repair services at reasonable upfront prices.       READ MORE



Advantage Mechanical Services is so confident of the benefits of regular AC maintenance and the skill of our technicians that we offer our No Breakdown Guarantee to every customer who has had our annual maintenance service.



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