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Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

Rely on a Professional For Commercial AC Issues

Your commercial AC is an extensive system requiring professional help when problems arise. Advantage Mechanical Services L.L.C. is here to help with commercial air conditioner repair in Houston, TX. Our trained and certified staff are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to handle many commercial systems. Give us a call at 281-807-6085 to get started.

Problems With Commercial Air Conditioners

Several issues can come about with your commercial AC unit. Here are some examples of what could be occurring:

  • Inconsistent air conditioning.
  • Damaged rooftop units.
  • Ventilation issues.
  • Clogged drain lines.
  • Strange noises.
  • Blown fuses.
  • Burned capacitors.
  • Capacity issues.


Inconsistent cooling may point to a faulty thermostat or a leak in the duct system. Ventilation issues can be caused by clogged AC unit drain lines, so make sure drain lines are cleared of debris. When your commercial AC shuts off suddenly, this can indicate that it’s overheating. Check your circuit breaker for blown fuses and contact a trained technician to diagnose the problem for repairs. With capacity issues, you may need to upgrade or downgrade your system’s size to meet capacity needs. Keep in mind that AC units only have access to and are designed to cool specific spaces based on size. Reach out to a professional to see what can be done to tweak your system.

Call Us For Assistance

Get assisted with commercial air conditioner repair in Houston, TX, with the help of our trained professionals. We’re pleased to offer 24/7 emergency AC repair for those cases where fixes need to be made fast. Call our team day or night to get your AC serviced soon.

Advantage Mechanical Services L.L.C. provides quality commercial air conditioner repair in Houston, TX. We’re here to diagnose and fix your commercial system when problems arise and your system acts up. Get your system back into shape with us. Give our team of experts a call at 281-807-6085 to see what can be done today.