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Heater Parts Replacement in Houston, TX

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There may come a time when your heating system will require parts repairs or replacements due to naturally worn areas. This is a great way to protect the overall system until the time for full-on replacements is needed. Advantage Mechanical Services L.L.C. provides secure heater parts replacement in Houston, TX. Call us at 281-807-6085 for more information.

The Nature of Heater Parts

There are many parts to a heating system, and as time passes, they will naturally wear, become affected by different conditions, and overall need a repair or replacement. So that you may not prematurely wear or stress out other parts of the system it’s essential to have parts replacements or repairs when necessary. A trained technician will be able to investigate the issue with your heating system and provide you with repeatable parts for a seamless repair or switch.

Circuit Control Board Replacement

With an unstable circuit board, you may notice control board warning lights activated, unstable temperatures, and interruptions in the sequence of events following the activation of a furnace.

ECM Motors Replacement

Older ECM motors may start overheating or fail when constantly running in over-amped conditions. With a newer unit, airflow will drop, and noises with high static installations can be avoided at higher air velocities.

Gas Valve Replacement

Gas valves can become damaged due to basement submersion. Other issues that may cause gas valve issues are glitches in the safety circuit.

Hard Start Kits Replacement

If your compressor is having issues turning on a hard start kit could help fix the issue and prolong the life of that part. If your compressor has continuous problems, however, and is near the end of its life, consider replacing that part.

Heat Exchanger Replacement

Heat exchangers can rust and corrode from excess condensation inside the furnace. They are designed to withstand repeated cycles of heating and cooling temperatures, but after years they will require replacement. If you have a premature metal failure, get a replacement soon.

Heat Pump Repair / Replacement

Changing your heat pump every 10-15 years is recommended, as the wear is interchangeable and natural over time. Even if your system appears to be working as normal, this age frame should still have replacements.

Heater Capacitors Replacement

Modern furnace capacitors are designed to last 10-20 years, yet many factors can decrease the lifespan. Prolonged exposure to heat is just one of the examples of how it can be susceptible to damage.

HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement

If your furnace won’t run at all, is blowing chilling air, has no glow igniter, or is short cycling, these all may point to needing a hot surface igniter replacement. Speak with your HVAC technician to see which problems are relevant to you.

HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

This may indicate a failing inducer motor if you hear strange sounds like tapping, humming, or whirring. This is the first sign you may hear after a heating cycle begins, indicating a problem with this part.

HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

A pressure switch will measure when water pressure has dropped low enough for the tank to require more water. It will power the well pump to get to the level where it should be, yet if the switch doesn’t work, then the well pump won’t be activated. You may find a failure or trip in the switch due to a clogged or cracked hose from the draft inducer motor or condensate collector box to the pressure switch.

HVAC Relay Replacement

A failing AC compressor relay will have inconsistent cooling, failure to turn on the compressor, or a lack of cold air.

HVAC Thermostat Repair, Replace & Upgrade

If you’re experiencing issues like failure to respond to changed settings, short cycling, or constant temperature shift, your thermostat may have an issue. Upgrade your unit for better controls and faster response time.

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Advantage Mechanical Services L.L.C. is ready to assist you with heater parts replacement in Houston, TX. We have the tools and equipment to ensure that your parts’ integrations are seamless and fitting. We want you to experience a smoother working unit and provide the help necessary for smooth production. We also help with AC part replacements, so contact us at 281-807-6085 for further assistance.