If you are trying to improve on the quality of the air inside of your home; go to Advantage Mechanical Services for indoor air quality services and soon you’ll feel much better. Our services are available to prevent future health problems such as asthma and watery eyes. Since 1997 we have committed ourselves to provide the best and utmost comfort for our clients.

In order to help protect the comfort of your health and the well being of your family; we can offer effective whole-home solutions. These solutions are guaranteed to create better comfort indoors while eliminating the allergens and fungi that lurk within.

Call our Houston heating and air conditioning company today to schedule a free, no obligation appointment with one of our installation experts for better control of your home. We’ll educate you on the advantages of having top-of-the-line indoor air quality products in your home.

When most people think about improving the quality of air inside of their Houston homes or offices, they tend to think Advantage Mechanical Services. We have been around for many years and are still around today as we can install the following indoor air products:

Air Cleaners

There are plenty of reasons why the indoor air quality is making you suffer inside your home. Whatever the cause of your issues, the right tools in the proper hands can improve your situation quickly. When you work the pros for an air cleaner installation; you can start to enjoy your indoors once again in Houston.      READ MORE


Running a humidifier in the home safely eliminates nasty, stale indoor air. This is one of the single-best benefits to owning these units. You won’t have the need to open your windows any longer in order to get fresh air nor will you have to worry about the state of the air any longer as it can be breathed in without hesitation.   READ MORE

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