Commercial boilers keep your business in business. Without them, the heat goes off and a chill takes hold of your staff and your clients. You can lose business when your boiler goes down.

Because a lost boiler means lost business, you should look to a professional commercial boiler repair service rather than just your run-of-the-mill general heating and cooling business. For thorough, quick repairs, you need a thorough, experienced repair service.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand the value of hiring a commercial boiler maintenance service to conduct professional repairs.

Pros Save You Time and Money

commercial boiler service will save you both money and time. When your commercial boiler breaks down, you’ll wonder if you can solve the problem more quickly yourself. While you may have the basic skills to fix the problem temporarily, you need an industrial boiler repair person to ensure the repairs last.

Experts have the experience, tools, and expertise needed to complete the job most efficiently. When you hire an expert, you also save money in the long run. An expert repairman can complete the repair to last for the long haul.

When you hire a professional heating repair person, you also ensure a future of uninterrupted business days. They know how to set a boiler to its optimum temperature, thus lowering energy bills as well.

Pros Use the Right Tools

Professional repairmen have the precise tools needed to complete a commercial boiler repair. The average homeowner does not typically have such tools. An HVAC contractor does.

Additionally, professional commercial boiler repairment understands which tools work best. Such knowledge and experience ensure an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Furthermore, boiler experts understand how boilers work within the HVAC system, electrical writing, and gas lines. A professional installer will prevent breakdowns in other parts of your business because of this understanding.

Pros Follow Safety Precautions

Boilers are dangerous pieces of equipment. They operate under high pressure and can literally explode if a person does not handle them properly.

Commercial boiler installation professionals understand the risks involved. They also understand how to avoid problems by taking proper safety precautions.

As a result, a professional can avoid an accident much more easily than an amateur. Their experience and knowledge are invaluable to you as a business owner if you want a working boiler and not a commercial disaster.

Pros Have Proper Licensing and Insurance

When you hire a professional, check their credentials. Do they have proper insurance and licensing? These credentials ensure they will do a thorough job and have the insurance necessary should an accident occur.

Do not hire anyone who does not have insurance and a license to do the work you need them to do.

Pros Offer Regular Maintenance Plans On Commercial Boiler Repair 

When you hire a professional boiler repair service, you also hire a boiler maintenance service. Most professionals who offer industrial boiler repair will put you on a schedule so you can rest assured that your boiler is always functioning at maximum capacity.

Here are a few of the common items the company will check annually, usually outside of the heating season:

  • CO testing
  • Combustion analysis
  • Oil circulators
  • Gas valves
  • Pilot, pilot assembly, and tubing
  • Flame sensor
  • Burners and ignition system
  • Thermocouple
  • Water feeder
  • Low water cut off
  • Feed valve

Additionally, professionals will check for spillage manually. They will also typically flush and clean your boiler’s glass gauge and assembly if you have a steam boiler.

Furthermore, a qualified heating professional will offer monthly maintenance checks. These maintenance checks typically include the following services:

  • Check oil levels in the compressor
  • Check water levels and gauge glass
  • Flush low water cut off
  • Test low water cut off
  • Flush boiler main blowdown
  • Flush blowdown low water column
  • Check operating pressure and temperature
  • Check the smoke alarm lens
  • Check combustion
  • Check general boiler and burner operation
  • Inspect fresh air louver, fans, and motorized damper
  • Check for leaks in the boiler room

A qualified professional will also conduct a general inspection of the general boiler room, making sure nothing is amiss. They will check to see if a steel boiler is receiving the right chemical treatment and also check the boiler room sump pump if it exists.

In short, when you hire a commercial boiler repair company, you ensure that your boiler runs for a long time. They’ll keep your business and building warm and your mind at peace.

When You Need A Commercial Boiler Repair

If you’re unfamiliar with boilers, you may not even know when they need maintenance. A few common signs will let you know right away that your boiler needs attention. Here are the most common indicators:

  • Pipes and radiators function but the boiler doesn’t heat the building properly
  • The boiler makes unusual noises
  • Energy bills rise unexpectedly for no reason
  • Pressure levels drop
  • The boiler goes off and on repeatedly
  • The boiler runs continuously without cycling off
  • Water leaks from the boiler or its components

Each of these problems indicates it’s time to call a commercial boiler repair service. Professional boiler repairmen will be able to find and remedy the problem quickly, allowing you to conduct business as normal with an ideal temperature in your building.

Go Pro, Save Time, Money, and Stress on Your Commercial Boiler Repair

Any time you choose to hire a professional for a job, you’ll save stress. In the case of commercial boiler repair, you also save time and money.

A professional will diagnose and fix the problem much more quickly than you could on your own. Ultimately, they’ll save you money down the road as well by making sure your commercial boiler is doing its job efficiently. Your energy bill might even go down.

Is your boiler giving you problems? Do you notice a chill in the air when you walk into your building? If so, contact us.

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